ASCU’s Awards of Excellence

Congratulations students,

S.E.A. results are out and the C.S.E.C. and C.A.P.E. results are quickly approaching. The Aero Services
Credit Union congratulates all our students who wrote the 2018 examinations on achieving this
academic milestone.
We wish to celebrate with you at our annual ASCU Awards of Excellence Ceremony scheduled for
September 20th 2018. Parents/Guardians, we invite you to submit applications for your child using
the fill-able application form attached.
The relevant completed form along with all substantiating documentation can be submitted to the
Education Committee at or at the ASCU Head Office.

Thank you,
Education Committee


The Family Indemnity Plan


Insurance for all who love, Seven coverage options are available.

Your Benefits:

  • One monthly premium covers all final expenses for you and up to five eligible family members
  • No medical examination required
  • You are eligible to receive the full benefit (per person) where valid claims are made
  • You get lifetime insurance coverage once you enroll before ago 76

Who is Covered?

The plan you select can over you and any combination of the following person:

  • Your spouse or spouse or significant other
  • Any combination of up to two persons from your parents or parents-in-law.
  • These persons must be enrolled before age 76
  • Your children (aged 1 to 25 and who are not yet married). Permanently disabled children are covered for the duration of their lives once they are enrolled before age 26.

Your Choice:

  Monthly Premium Individual Benefits
Plan A $ 52. 80 $10,000
Plan B $79.20 $15,000
Plan C $105.60 $20,000
Plan D $158.40 $30,000
Plan E $211.20 $40,000
Plan F $343.20 $65,000
Plan G $528.00 $100,000

Liaison Officers wanted

IFRS 9 Presentation


IFRS 9 is the International Financial Reporting Standard that governs the classification and measurement of the financial instruments.

For more information on IFRS 9 Click the following link below


ASCU Research Project

Dividend and Loan Interest Rebate calculation

The following is a comprehensive look of how Aero Services Credit Union Dividends & Loan Interest Rebates are calculated.

Please click on the link below.


Preamble & Resolution AGM 2018

Dividend Form 2018

Please complete and return this from via email at or at our offices on or before Thursday March 22, 2018.
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Nomination Notice 2018

Bank Limits Foreign Currency on VDC

Dear valued members,

Due to challenges faced in accessing foreign currency a limit would be implemented on all foreign currency transactions on our ASCU VISA Debit Card.

Effective October 29, 2017 no foreign ATM cash withdrawals would be facilitated and there would be a monthly limit of the foreign currency equivalent to TT$3,500 on foreign online and point of sale purchases.

Please note that your TTD transactions will not be affected, the daily limits remain at TT$2,000 local ATM withdrawals and TT$10,000 local point of sale purchases.

ASCU understands the impact this may have on your overseas travel and online purchases and apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

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