International Visa Debit Card


Application Form

Debit Card Application Form


  • Make online purchases with no hassle
  • Withdraw up to three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) TTD per day at ATM machines locally
  • Local point of sale limit is ($10,000.00)
  • USD ($250.00) limit TTD ($1,750.00) applies to all international sales i.e point of sale or online
  • None of the usual high repayment costs of a Credit Card
  • Load up money locally for students studying abroad
  • Upload your loan, dividend payments and other cash transactions to the card
  • Annual fee TTD ($50.00)

Additional Benefits

“The Visa Price Protection program helps you get the best Price you can find on most products you buy with Your Eligible Car with this benefit. Simply pay for the entire cost of the product with Your Eligible Card and if, within 30 days of the date you purchased the the product, you see either a Printed Advertisement or Non-Auction Internet Advertisement for the same product (same model number and same model year) by the same manufacturer ,in the same market*, for a lower price, Visa will refund you the difference, up to the benefit amount per item (and per account per twelve month period).”


  • Supporting documents – two forms of national ID; if a person has only one picture ID then the Electronic Birth Certificate will be accepted.
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement (not older than 3 months). If the bill is not in the applicant’s name then it must be countersigned by the addressee and a copy of the addressee’s ID must be submitted.
  • Recent payslip or job letter (not older than 2 months).
  • Application fee TTD ($60.00)

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