International Visa Debit Card


Application Form

Debit Card Application Form


  • Make online purchases with no hassle
  • Withdraw up to three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) TTD per day at ATM machines locally
  • Local point of sale limit is ($10,000.00)
  • USD ($250.00) limit TTD ($1,750.00) applies to all international sales i.e point of sale or online
  • None of the usual high repayment costs of a Credit Card
  • Load up money locally for students studying abroad
  • Upload your loan, dividend payments and other cash transactions to the card
  • Annual fee TTD ($50.00)


  • Supporting documents – two forms of national ID; if a person has only one picture ID then the Electronic Birth Certificate will be accepted.
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement (not older than 3 months). If the bill is not in the applicant’s name then it must be countersigned by the addressee and a copy of the addressee’s ID must be submitted.
  • Recent payslip or job letter (not older than 2 months).
  • Application fee TTD ($60.00)

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