Don't worry, be happy. Whether as a savings instrument or to cover expenses, shore up for that rainy day with our insurance plans.

Insurance is defined as a system to protect persons against risk of financial loss by transferring said risk among a large group of persons.


Cred U Med- The Health Plan for AERO Members




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Family Indemnity Plan

This Plan was developed by CUNA CARIBBEAN INSURANCE SOCIETY to cover funeral expenses. It provides coverage for the insurer and five persons inclusive of spouse, children up to age 25 yrs, parents/mother or father in law up to 76 years.

There are six options (6) available:

Plan Monthly Premium ($TT) Benefit ($TT)
PLAN A 52.80 10,000.00
PLAN B 79.20 15,000.00
PLAN C 105.60 20,000.00
PLAN D 158.40 30,000.00
PLAN E 211.20 40,000.00
PLAN F 343.20 65,000.00
PLAN G 528.00 100,000.00

Life Savings and Loan Protection

This Plan is another service offered by CUNA CARIBBEAN INSURANCE SOCIETY to provide a benefit to a member’s beneficiary.

Life Savings

Member’s savings accounts inclusive of shares, regular deposits, fixed deposits and other savings deposits are insured up to a maximum of $30,000. Coverage is limited to seventy (70) years. This benefit is provided at no cost to the member.

Loan Protection

This covers all the eligible loan balances of a credit union member against death or total and permanent disability.

The benefit repays the outstanding insurable loan balance at the time of death, or before age 60 for total and permanent disability.

The maximum amount of the benefit is subject to the credit union’s individual maximum which is $100,000; this means that the CUNA INSURANCE pays up to $100,000 to clear off a member’s debt.

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