Membership Requirements

Becoming a Member

Joining our 5,000+ member strong organization gives you a voice and an opportunity to improve your finances and your community. To become a member is quite simple:

  • Complete a membership application form
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos (red background)
  • Two valid forms of I.D
  • Proof of Address: Utility bill or Bank Statement no more than three (3) months old.  If the Utility bill is not on your name then request a letter of authorization from the owner of the utility bill and attach a copy of their valid ID.
  • Job letter no more than three (3) months old
  • Payslip no more than two (2) months old
  • Proof of relation for family members (such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, proof of Legal Guardian etc.)
  • Pay a Registration Fee of $200.00 (adults)
  • Pay a Registration Fee of $115.oo (children)

Being a Member

Equity share requirements

You can purchase a minimum of $20.00 in equity shares and there is no maximum or limit on equity shares. As a full member you can:

  • Access all our products and services
  • Vote for the Directors in the Annual Board Elections
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Receive an Interest rebate on your loan
  • Receive Dividends on your shares

Dividends on equity shares

Things grow here, including the return on your equity shares. Your shares entitle you to receive dividends based on our financial performance. The Board of Directors decides if a dividend will be declared and have done so every year since our incorporation.

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