CUNA (FIP) Update – Cancellation Letters


19th November, 2020


Dear Valued Members,

Aero Services Credit Union Society Limited (ASCU) acknowledges that many of our valued members are in receipt of cancellation letters from CUNA Caribbean Insurance. Please note that we recognize that many of these letters may be inaccurate and the Society is currently working assiduously along with CUNA on a resolution.

The Family Indemnity Administrator is in the process of reconciling every account to ensure your account status at both the Credit Union and CUNA Caribbean Insurance are on the same level of accuracy. This is a time-consuming project, and we ask that you bear with us, as we strive to decipher any discrepancies and to have them resolved in the shortest possible time.

We request that if your account is not up to date, that you please visit the office and update your account.  However, if your account is up to date to your knowledge, there is no need for concern.

CUNA Caribbean has assured the Society, that there would be no cancellation once accounts are up to date.

As we go forward, we recommend that you please ensure that all premiums are paid by the first 1st of every month.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.