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Customer Complaints Policy

1.0 Customer Complaints Policy Statement

Aero Services has a written customer complaint policy approved by the Board of Directors and that is made available to all members and on our website. Aero Services Credit Union believes that that member complaints are essential to improvement. We therefore welcome complaints and look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better services.

We will respond promptly to complaints. Aero Services listens and responds to problems in the interest of the member.

2.0 Purpose

To ensure that its complaint procedure is properly and effectively implemented and that service users feel confident that their complaints and concerns are heard and promptly acted upon.

3.0 Our Commitment

  • Members will be made aware of how they can lodge a complaint
  • All staff take an active role in managing a complaint
  • Administration manages the complaint procedure
  • Written complaints are acknowledged within two working days of receipt Responses to written complaints are given with 28 working days
  • All written complaints are responded to in writing Complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and confidentially.

4.0 Complaints Procedure

4.1 Oral Complaints

All oral complaints are taken seriously. Front line care staff who receive an oral complaint shall seek to solve the problem immediately if possible.

If staff cannot solve the problem immediately they would escalate to a Supervisor within the area to deal with the problem. If the Supervisor cannot solve it is then escalated to the General Manager.

If the complaint is being made on behalf of a third party, Aero Services will seek confirmation, especially where confidential information is involved

Aero Services when dealing with the complaint will suggest a course of action to resolve the complaint. If this course of action is acceptable then Aero Services will clarify the agreement with the complainant and agree a way in which the results of the complaint will be communicated to the complainant. (i.e. through another meeting or by letter, email).

If the suggested plan of action is not acceptable to the complainant, then Aero Services will request that the complainant put their complaint in writing to Aero Services, a copy of which will be returned to the complainant along with a copy of the complaint procedure and form for completion.

The complaint will be logged for action as per internal procedures

4.2 Written Complaints

When a complaint is received in writing an acknowledgment letter will be sent within two working days.

If necessary, further details will be obtained from the complainant. If the complaint is not made by the service user but on the service user’s behalf, then consent of the service user, preferably in writing, will be requested from the complainant.

The complaint procedure will be forwarded to the complainant.

If the complaint raises potentially serious matters, advice will be sought from a legal advisor to Aero Services. If legal action is taken at this stage any investigation by Aero Services under the complaints procedure immediately cease.

If the complainant is not prepared to have the investigation conducted by Aero Services, he/she can seek legal advice

Immediately on receipt of the complaint, Aero Services will launch an investigation and within 28 days will be able to provide a full explanation to the complainant, either in writing or by arranging a meeting with the individuals concerned.

If the issues are too complex to complete the investigation within 28 days, the complainant will be informed of any delays.

If a meeting is arranged the complainant may, if they wish, bring a friend or relative or a representative such as an advocate.

At the meeting, a detailed explanation of the results of the investigation will be given as deemed appropriate.

After the meeting, or if the complainant does not want a meeting, a written account of the investigation will be sent to the complainant.

The outcome of the investigation and the meeting will be recorded on appropriate documentation and any shortcomings in Aero Services’ procedures will be identified and acted upon.

Aero Services will discuss complaints and their outcome at meetings and the complaints procedure will be audited by the Internal Auditor as part of her audit schedule

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