Credit Committee


The Credit Committee which consists of five members is elected at the Annual General Meeting from among the membership and for a one year term. This committee is the only committee authorized by LAW to approve loans granted by the credit union.

At their first meeting a Chairman and Secretary are elected. Members of this committee keep the affairs of applicants in STRICTEST CONFIDENCE and helps members manage intelligently their money. They decide whether the security offered and on the borrower’s ability to repay based on the CHARACTER of the borrower.

The committee meets at least once a week and acting in accordance with the Loan Policy set by the Board, gives prompt loan service. It reports to the Board of Directors monthly and to the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Members are:

  • Ms. Mavis Edwards – Chairperson
  • Ms. Sharon Lee Sing Barnes – Secretary
  • Ms. Nerissa Alleyne – Member
  • Mr. Mickey Martinez – Member
  • Mr. Anthony Mora – Member
  • Ms. Heston Mitchell – 1st Alternate
  • Mr. Elizabeth Aqui – 2nd Alternate