Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is elected by the Credit Union Members from among the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a three year term.

At their first meeting after the AGM a President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary are elected from among the directors.

The Board of Directors’ responsibilities are:

  • Overall operation of the affairs of the Credit Union
  • Recommends dividends to the Annual General Meeting
  • Approves Membership Applications
  • Sets loan interest Rates
  • Makes and revises policies for Management implementation
  • Directs the credit union’s operations through Senior Management.

It therefore is in members’ best interests to carefully select candidates, choose persons with good business sense, willingness to work and the imagination needed for the job, as the future of the credit union depends on the board’s energy, and vision. The Credit Union’s growth, services and its ideals depend on the guidance given by the Directors.