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Savings Accounts


Our savings instruments are designed with our members in mind, with low initial contributions and the flexibility you need. Further, they can be used as part of your financial planning to provide the extra boost you need. Higher dividends is another main reason to save.

Share Accounts

Every member is required to maintain a share savings account. New members must make a minimum contribution of 20.00 to open their share account, together with a $95.00 entrance fee and $25.00 for a membership card and $60.00 for a VISA Debit Card. Members are paid dividends based on their shareholdings in the credit union.

Increase your share account contribution to increase the dividend payment to your account!!!

Flex-A-Save Plan

The Flex-A-Save Plan is a consolidated and re-branded version of the interest earning Vacation and Christmas saving plans. These plans were originally designed to allow members to save monthly towards financing vacations, Christmas shopping, insurance payments etc. and to gain access to those funds speedily. The Flex-A-Save Plan whilst possessing the same attributes, has another added dimension. With the Society’s planned introduction of automated access to funds in the very near future, this account will become the mechanism through which members can now make deposits and gain access to their funds via the use of a debit card.

If you are not yet the holder of a Flex-A-Save account with Aero Services…. NOW is an opportune moment to subscribe!!! The Flex-A-Save Plan… Keeping It Simple!!!

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Flex-a-Save Plan