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The future is always closer than we think. So why not start investing today for whatever tomorrow might bring? At Aero Services, we understand that there is an increasing market awareness of the need to lay away something for retirement, for the kids, for the house. Come in and explore the many ways you can craft a more solid future.

Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit account allows you to deposit your money for a set period of time, thereby earning you a higher rate of interest in return. Fixed deposits also give you a higher rate of interest than a savings bank account. The Credit Union presently offers fixed deposit accounts to members at rates ranging from 2.00% to 5.00% for one (1), two (2) and three (3) year terms.

Mutual Funds

Aero Services Credit Union, as an agent for the Unit Trust Corporation, distributes the Company’s products including the Growth and Income Fund, the Money Market Fund, the Individual Retirement Unit Account (IRUA) and the Children’s Investment Starter Plan (CISP).

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About ASCU

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