It takes a professional team to bring ASCU’s mission and vision to life on a day to day basis. Without the dedication, determination, and cooperation of each individual in each department, the Credit Union would not be able to offer so much to so many. Presenting our hard-working and dedicated Aero Services Credit Union team.

Phyllis Wickham, General Manager

Customer Service Department

Nerissa Alleyne, Angelica, Kalloo and Julie Akin

Recoveries Department

Chinelo Woodley and Aneesia Ali

Administrative Department

Annette Boodramsingh, Helen Chunisingh, Hugo Henry, Rayann Charles and Elizabeth Cardinez

Accounts Department

Brenda Billy, Zariffa Mohammed, Ria Scarborough, Renee White, Evie de Matas, Nigel Matthew and Krystel Brathwaite 

Marketing & Business Development

Lesley Hanson, Marketing & Business Development Officer

Internal Audit

Shrila Persad, Internal Auditor


Michael Taylor, Operations Officer

Aero Services Live Support

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None of our representatives are currently available. Please use the form below to send us an email.

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