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BWI AlogoThe Aero Services Credit Union was founded on 11th September 1951 by a small group of employees of BWIA who nurtured and cherished the will and vision of ordinary people coming together, pooling their resources and redistributing it amongst themselves in an effort to improve their standard of living. During the early period of its history membership of Aero Services was limited to permanent employees of BWIA only.

In 1991 eligibility for membership was extended to former employees of BWIA, contractual employees, permanent members of staff of the Credit Union, family members and relatives of permanent members of staff. Today, eligibility for membership has been extended to include all permanent employees of the aviation industry.

Aero Services Credit Union Members are both customers and shareholders, and each Member has an equal vote in the selection of the credit union’s directors. As a member, your participation is extremely important to the success of our credit union. Consider being nominated for the board, participating in the elections by voting and attending our Annual General Meeting.

BWI Aplane at airportSome of the founding members of Aero Services include Mr.Kenrick Lee, Mr. Clyde Weatherhead, Mr. Anthony Mora, Mr. Wilfred Hinds and Mr. Felix Bertrand. From its very humble beginnings, Aero Services today has developed into a financially strong organization and can boast of a vibrant membership of approximately four thousand five hundred members contributing to asset ownership in excess of one hundred and ninety million dollars. Our Office is located at the corner of Orange Grove Road and the Priority Bus Route, a location which most will agree is naturally scenic and convenient.

Our vision is “To be a premier co-operative service provider in the Caribbean Region” and the Board and Management are committed towards achieving and preserving this vision. We invite all interested persons to visit our offices and speak with our staff who will be willing to serve you.

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