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The Aero Services Credit Union has four standing committees it delegates tasks to, the Credit, Supervisory, Education and Social and Cultural Committees. The Board determines the authority and responsibilities of each committee and reviews their mandate annually. The Committees are as follows:

Credit Committee

Ms.  Mavis Edwards – Chairperson
Ms. Sharon Lee Sing Barnes


Mr.  Simon Fabien


Mr. Brent Gaspard


Ms Faye Husbands


Ms. Michele Campo-Aimable – 1st Alternate


Mr. Anthony Mora – 2nd Alternate



Supervisory Committee

Mr. Angel Landeau- Chairperson
Ms.Denise Zephrine

Mr. Mikki Martinez

Ms. Gwendolyn Daniel – 1st Alternate

Mr. Raymond Roberts – 2nd Alternate


Education Committee

Mr. Courtney Demming (Board Representative)

Ms. Esther Richards – Chairperson

Mr. Harold Clovis

Ms. Krystiel Salandy

Ms. Elizabeth Aqui

Ms. Janelle Precilla

Ms. Candace Richards – Youth Link

Ms. Sarah Precilla- Youth Link


Social & Cultural Committee

Mr. Earle Joseph (Board Representative)

Mr. Anand Mahase – Chairperson

Mr. Richard Prescod

Mrs. Annette Boodramsingh

Mr. Anthony Grant

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