Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide effective governance and stewardship, under the direction of the Board of Directors we carry out the day to day operations of the credit union. Directors provide direction on the affairs of the credit union to achieve the aims and purpose of the credit union on behalf of the entire Membership. They do this by establishing the overall aims and objectives of the credit union, analysing the progress, establishing policy guidelines, planning for long-term development and much more. The shareholders elect each member of the Board, which appoints the President, the Vice President, and the members of the various Board Committees.




President                                      Vice President                                                                 

Mr. Brian Matthew                      Mr.  Courtney Demming



Secretary                                             Asst. Secretary                  Director

Mr. Lyndon Byer                              Mr. Earle Joseph              Mr. Alec Clarke





Ms. Jacqueline O’Neil Lewis



2nd Alternate

Ms. Cynthia Kennedy

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